CIFF 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Christine Weatherup

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Christine Weatherup has impeccably endearing qualities so it’s destined she will be endorsed by audiences, especially those who love the indie genre. She’s the charming star of the award-winning “Bread and Butter” which is premiering at this year’s Cleveland International Film Fest. Christine is the soul of indie film-making as Amelia Karinsky who navigates the perplexing notion we call love. There’s even a threesome but not in the conventional way by any means as this film is all about taking a step back to smile and realize the road to passion comes with its delightful complications. In capturing the awkwardness of falling in love, there’s a genuine edge in Christine’s appeal very much in the mould of say Laura Linney meets Sarah Paulson.

Here’s a sneak peek of her role in “Bread and Butter” as well as her upcoming appearance on TV alongside a recent recipient of an Oscar:

I’m super excited about Bread and Butter playing at the Cleveland Film Festival next month! The film is an indie anti-romantic comedy about a woman nearing 30 and finally coming of age. I also am in another indie feature “Echo Lake” that will be heading to festivals in the near future. Additionally, I have a number of upcoming TV appearances, including a role on episode 3 of CSI: Cyber!

Now that’s with Patricia Arquette on this week’s episode (Killer En Route) and she’s playing a doctor which means things are going to get interesting fast! Great to know that Christine has also appeared with internet personality and fellow actress Mary Kate Wiles on the web series “Squaresville”. Together they have such an enigmatic touch and Christine herself is likely to be valued with enamored affection in the months ahead.

Don’t forget to visit the CHRISTINE WEATHERUP OFFICIAL SITE for the fascinating updates of her acting endeavors.

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