Rising Starlet: Frankie Ingrassia


Frankie Ingrassia has an amiable aura that’s approachable and a pleasing sight for many. Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” fame has praised Frankie for being a great actress and a sweetheart too. Frankie and Christina previously played lesbians in “Without A Trace”, sharing on onscreen girl-on-girl smooch. This time, catch the comely Frankie in “Goliath”, the new legal drama from Amazon that has Billy Bob Thornton as Billy McBride, a disgraced lawyer seeking revenge on the firm that threw him out. The month of October is an affection tug-of war as the women of television and film festivals come into our adoring view. In “Goliath”, Frankie retains her name on the show and plays a redhead bartender who could well be the one getting on the nerves of Billy.


She was also in “Bones” as a landlady by the name of Hilary Featherson who had a lover’s quarrel with a murder victim which turned violent. The head injury sustained from their fight cause a rupture and an eventual death which led to Hilary’s arrest for manslaughter. A few years back, Frankie shone on “The Mentalist” as a murderer too. As Jenny Diedricksen or better known as Gina Russo, she was a mobster’s wife who killed her own husband whilst under the Witness Protection Program. Frankie has immersed herself on the side of good and evil onscreen with glowing distinction. Now she’s a big part of our attraction for streaming content and we can’t to see more delightfulness from her.

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