Sundance Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Rachna Khatau

actress rachna khatau sundance film festival

Sundance is only a days away so it’s time to gaze upon the bubbly and beautiful Rachna Khatau, a rising comedic talent. She definitely belongs in the bevy of actresses enchanting the largest indie film fest in the US and she is appearing in “Downward Dog”, a pilot picked up to series by ABC. The series is as much about a lonely talking dog as it is about the human idiosyncrasies so do look out for Rachna to imbue “Downward Dog” with her brand of comedy alongside lead Allison Tolman. Notable for her role as Sondra in Freeform hit “Baby Daddy” thanks to her talkative articulation and the indelibly striking high-pitched voice, she fits right in with some of the most colorful characters ever seen in a sitcom. Flying the flag for multi-talented Asian-American supremos in entertainment, Rachnau is a singer, writer, and TV host who has relegated boredom by lighting up our lives.

Her story arc as Sondra became a very juicy one in Season 4 of “Baby Daddy” in an episode where she suspects her husband is cheating on her and has an affair with Tucker (Tahj Mowry). Lithe and engaging onscreen, her comic timing is on the money and we can’t wait to take in more of her manic quirkiness as Sondra if she’s slated to return in Season 6 this year.

actress rachna khatau downward dog

She’s also amassed commendable reviews as an award-winning stage actress with the Los Angeles Times affectionately celebrating Rachnau as fresh and hilarious. By way of UK, Chicago then to the bright lights of LA and now to Utah, the Sundance state, the ebullient Rachnau is well on her way to charmingly enrich the planet.

Do visit the Rachna Khatau Official Site for all the latest updates.

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