Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 30 March 2017

Renee Percy in “Making History”

actress renee percy making history

– Canada’s most endearing women can definitely be seen on television with the ebullient Renee Percy guest starring in the comedic time travel series “Making History” which stars Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester.
– Consistently vivacious whenever she’s onscreen, Renee plays Judi Forelli, a woman who is saved by Yassir Lester’s time traveler Chris from a nasty road accident but as we know changing fate may not be the best thing after all.
– Renee has also made charming appearances on “The Thundermans” as well as “The Goldbergs” and she’s notable for her cheeky portrayal of the annoying salon owner Ivanka in the racy comedy “Dumbbells”.

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Marianne Farley in “Bellevue”

actress marianne farley bellevue

– Everyone will agree that Canadian actress Marianne Farley is an ethereal beauty and she has an effusive charisma that has seen her dazzle with such grace on both the big and small screens.
– As Nicole Breen in the hit drama series “This Life”, she has been lauded for her emotionally textured performances as the woman whose saw a fair share of of tribulations including her husband’s betrayal.
– Marianne has a recurring role as Jackie Edmonds alongside Anna Paquin on “Bellevue” essaying a wife whose husband is fingered as a suspect in the on-going murder case that’s been the epicentre of the series.

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Hannah Fierman in “Birthday Cake”

actress hannah fierman birthday cake

– One of indie cinema’s most enthralling women, audiences have been treated to the compelling verve of Hannah Fierman thanks to memorable turns in horror gems such as “SiREN”, “V/H/S” and “The Unwanted”.
– Having made the winged Demon Girl Lily such an iconic role (hope she returns for a 3rd outing!), potently seducing and terrifying audiences at the same time, she’s indeed one of indie horror’s most desirable actresses.
– Expect her to be eye-catching with dashes of her distinctive mystique in “Birthday Cake” premiering at this year’s Atlanta Film Fest which centres on a woman (Kristina Adler) trying to escape her abuser.

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Carla Vila in “Jane The Virgin”

actress carla vila jane the virgin

– We can’t help but adore the ravishing Carla Vila who is flying the flag for Latina head-turners of entertainment. Already an accomplished talent with natural acting instincts, she’s tackled some of the grittiest roles on TV.
– Currently treading much lighter fare, she has a recurring role on the hit comedy “Jane The Virgin” as the director of the telenovela “Los Viajes De Guillermo” loosely based on Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels.
– Carla has already appeared in acclaimed shows such as “American Crime Story” and True Detective so we can’t wait for her enchanting run to continue in the upcoming Bella Thorne drama series “Famous In Love”.

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