Indie Darlings To Adore @ Tribeca Film Festival 2017

Maria Dizzia & Kayla Harrity in “The Last Poker Game”

actress maria dizzia the last poker game tribeca 2017
actress kayla harrity the last poker game tribeca 2017

– Maria Dizzia and Kayla Harrity are beguiling women of both film as well as television with their endearing essence a sure bet to be a hit with audiences. This radiant duo are to be relished with earnest affection.
– Maria is also starring in the comedy crime caper “Going In Style” as Rachel Harding, the daughter of Michael’s Cane Joe who is on the verge of losing his house in which he is supposed to host his family.
– The fetching Kayla is captivating Tribeca as we speak channeling shimmering grace on the red carpet having done so earlier in the year at Sundance. She’s effortlessly a gem of the indie festival circuit.

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Annie McCain Engman and Eva Dorrepaal in “Black Magic For White Boys”

actress annie mccain engman black magic for white boys tribeca 2017
actress Eva Dorrepaal black magic for white boys tribeca 2017

– Illuminators of indie films, Annie McCain Engman (“Jake Squared”, “The Last Deli in Brooklyn”) and Eva Dorrepaal (“God”, “Catfight”) are bound to be adored as they will be eye-catching in TV Pilot “Black Magic for White Boys”.
– When multiple movies at 2 different film festivals with her dramedy “The Lears” premiering at Nashville Film Fest 2017, it’s time to rave about the wonders Annie has always inculcated with enchanting verve onscreen.
– You could admire Eva as a lady of elegance with her Dutch heritage accentuating her many attractive traits and she recently enraptured the European continent in the show “Almost Mata Hari”.

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Lucinda Rogers in “The Bleeder”

actress lucinda rogers the bleeder tribeca 2017

– With her willowy features that’s reminiscent of old-world beauties, it’s no surprise to see the enticing Lucinda Rogers appear in the colourful era of the 70s with Liev Schreiber in the biopic “The Bleeder”.
– She came into our adoring view at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2015 when she essayed a deeply authentic role as a woman coming to terms with the inevitable fate of going blind in the dramatic short “Laura Point”.
– Her theatre background is just as impressive having worked in regional theater, performing with Shakespeare Dallas, Kitchen Dog Theater, and as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at the Great River Shakespeare Festival.

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