Indie Darlings To Adore @ Niagara Falls Film Festival 2019

Mary Birdsong in “Stormchaser”

actress mary birdsong niagara falls film festival 2019 stormchaser

– An engagingly dramatic and moving performance from Mary Birdsong in “Stormchaser” should garner her the plaudits, cementing herself as a must watch talent at this year’s Niagara Falls Film Festival.
– She offers up a fearsome presence in “Stormchaser” as Bonnie Blue who after a string of disappointments is taking no prisoners and unleashes her own whirlwind of fury as she vigorously flies through life.
– Mary was last seen on “Succession” as Marianne Hirsch who offered sage advice to her embarrassment of a son Greg. She’s also slated to star in a movie with Annaleigh Ashford, one of the stars of new show “Unbelievable”.

Melantha Blackthorne in “Fang”

actress melantha blackthorne niagara falls film festival 2019 fang

– We all know her as a revered Scream Queen and Horror Goddess but in Melantha’s latest feature “Fang”, she undergoes a striking transformation complete with eye patch and some razor sharp nails.
– As Doris where she’s been aged substantially (could she be the werewolf that’s already been teased as making an appearance in “Fang”), Melantha could well be the Big Bad Wolf to satiate horror fans.
– Makes it all the more exciting for us to await her upcoming horror flick “Slay Utterly” which sees her alongside a trio of horror luminaries in the shape of Zack Galligan, Bill Oberst Jr. and Lynn Lowry.

Natalie Roy in “Yes”

actress natalie roy niagara falls film festival 2019 yes

– The effervescent charm of Natalie makes it easy to fall in love with this Canadian cutie and she’s bound to illuminate “Yes”, a sterling adaptation of the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway play.
– While she’s been active on TV, guest-starring in hit shows such as “The Affair” and most memorably with comedic vigor on “The Detour”, it’s great to see Natalie enchant once more on the indie genre.
– Natalie’s broad talents are just as diverse off screen having created the trademarked acting technique The Activated Actor as well as being a certified yoga teacher and an author.

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