United Film Fest Hottie Special: Indie Princess Sarah Lassez

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She’s as fascinating as her hotpot of transitional nationalities having been born in Canada, moved on to her Aussie phase in Melbourne and now establishing herself as an New York indie starlet. SARAH LASSEZ is quite the unconventional lady admitting that her acting career goes through phases going from the virginal to the whorish stages which might include a crazy spell or two. If that makes her some sort of visionary, this must be the best phase in her life! She is of course headlining the United Film Festival 2011 as the lead in supernatural musical “The Dead Inside”. It’s compelling to note her character is called Fi having starred as a demoness in the horror comedy “Lo” previously. Evidently SARAH’s quirkiness is anything but Lo-Fi and her penchant for eccentric roles such as the spirit-possessed author Fi in “The Dead Inside” generates more than cursory intrigue. I read that SARAH has an addiction to the paranormal especially in the area of psychic phenomena so I get why she’s attuned to the spiritual dominion in many of her films. Enter her extraordinary world at the SARAH LASSEZ OFFICIAL SITE.

She’s also the author of “Psychic Junkie”, the honest memoirs of a struggling actress in the topsy-turvy entertainment business which has been featured in the New York Times, the Today Show, People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. If you were hooked on that book back in 2006, you’ll still be enchanted by the indie maven that is SARAH LASSEZ! Not only has she worked with big guns Christopher Plummer, Dennis Hopper and Margot Kidder, SARAH is also revered for portraying a kung-fu obsessed nymphomaniac/health inspector turned savage murderess in the cult movie “Mad Cowgirl”. Full of oddball individuality, this winsome beauty has positioned herself to be one uniquely charming personality.

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