Sex Bomb: Brooke Long

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BROOKE LONG has indeed been crave worthy since the day she stepped onto the entertainment scene and she’s about to get even hotter. With Chickpedia and Boobpedia glorifying her bountiful assets, her unmistakable sauciness is working its mojo and right now you’ll be able to watch her steaming up youtube. From the brilliant mind of Robert Hoffman aka PunchRobert (his youtube moniker), one of the stars of “Step Up 2” comes a musical skit on why men can’t help but have a perpetual hard-on…even in the most innocent of situations! The title “Full Body Erection” says it all and it’s a given that BROOKE as a Rollerskater Vixen does indeed fuel our lusty fantasies. Heather Graham did it as Rollergirl in “Boogie Nights” and this time it’s BROOKE providing the tantalizing factor. The video is going viral as we speak and Miss BROOKE’s contribution to the satiating of stiffening phalluses everywhere is unquestioned. She was the ultimate tease as a stripper in Comedy Central’s slacker sitcom “Workaholics”, her booty grinding and booby shaking so sinfully sexy, so if you’re want an eyeful, here’s the HOT SCENE.

A fixture on numerous Lad Mags such as Maxim, her enviable body is the type of stimulation we can’t deny. It’s also her drive to be the best that she can be as a cheerleader, dancer, host, cover girl, actress and even a suitcase model on “Deal or No Deal” that’s exemplary…this blonde bombshell can do anything and on such a enticingly polished level! Meandering away from being just a pretty blue-eyed blonde, she’s a surprise package who can proficiently handle handguns, swords as well as stilt-walking and regularly partakes in sky diving….now that’s wild!! Remember to drop by the BROOKE LONG OFFICIAL SITE. The Ideal Dream Babe, she’s magnified the meaning of being an all round beauty and performer.

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