Blonde Bombshell: Tracy Teague


Intriguing women of horror have always been sought after and TRACY TEAGUE has played her part in fascinating us in 2 films. Last year’s “Respire”, the soul transference thriller had TRACY as a woman with a fatal disease who discovers a chest with a mysterious content capable of curing her. Eventually, it’s revealed there is someone’s breath in the chest which if inhaled can magically heal anyone. The only downside is you gain the person’s personality, his or her bad traits may just come to haunt you! TRACY admirably deals with her character’s conflicted psyche, from dealing with her debilitating condition to the euphoria of learning she can actually overcome her sickness. With a plot this unique and an exquisite leading lady, it’s a recommended watch for any viewer. She continued her duel with mortality in “The Haunting Of Pearson Place” as Gwen, one-half of a couple acquiring a house with some dark history. Always ensure a thorough background check on a property before you purchase for it could become a ‘GRAVE’ mistake as the couple soon find out. If there’s one common thread in both of TRACY’s movies is how immaculate she is in all her scenes.

The perfect representation of a living doll, I can say with certainty how elegant she is in person too. Whether she’s clad in a bikini or in glamorous wear, TRACY captivates from head to toe. Make sure you grab them DVDs of both her films for she’s already been talked about as a rising Scream Queen with one reviewer calling her the next Linnea Quigley. Now there’s some big shoes to fill yet TRACY’s onscreen dynamism can only lead to eventual success. She sees herself as a work in progress and as she evolves, we are in for quite a treat from this standout performer.

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