Sexy Siren: Jill Wagner


JILL WAGNER is the super hot hostess and actress whose breathtaking sauciness has conquered both the big and small screen. Recognized as the face of “Wipeout”, she’s probably the reason we’re glued to our TV sets over the years. If you’re hungry like a wolf for JILL that’s because she portrayed wild and wacky Kate Argent on “Teen Wolf”. She happens to be a werewolf hunter and was so captivating that fans were wishing they had a hot aunt like JILL. One can almost be led to believe she gives off a certain whiff of pheromones to trigger such fascination. As she has shown countless times on “Wipeout”, she has a big smile and puts everyone she meets at ease.

JILL first made an impression on the shortlived series “Blade” and her star kept rising steadily from that point on. She also starred in the creepy sci-fi horror film “Splinter” and shows her athleticism facing off with a horrible mutating monster. Certainly, she has that drop dead gorgeous body which has seen her adorned the pages of many a lad’s mag. Let’s hope she does another spread in a bikini during the impending summer months. JILL has seemingly been off the radar for a while but there’s no doubt, she should be coveted as an addiction for viewers worldwide.

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