Sizzling Cutie: Melorine Adler

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There’s a bevy of brunettes that often take your breath away in an instant and that distinction does belong to the ravishing Melorine Adler. One can include her in the bracket of vixens such as Génesis Rodríguez and the still hot X-factor judge Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini. Having already appeared alongside Sean Bean on his series “Legends”, her upcoming role in next year’s “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” will stir even more loins. As you know the first “Hot Tub Time Machine” launched the career of Jessica Paré who went on to have a starring impact on “Mad Men”. Expect Melorine to be just as seductive seeing how she’s acclaimed in Maxim Magazines top 20 Hottest brunettes. Our affinity for gorgeous women is due to the obvious attractiveness that Melorine is endowed with as she has the natural magnetism that’s hard to resist. 2015 would be ripe for her sizzling ways to captivate us indefinitely!

She’s also filming the telenovela style series “Sangre Negra” which sees the return of legend Erik Estrada to television. Shades of Dallas and Dynasty sees romance as well as tension beset the Santos family. We already know that soap operas are the introduction to memorable beauties over the years and Melorine is on course to be the darling in this generation.

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