Johanna McGinley

actress johanna mcginley rising starlet

Celebrating blossoming talents is a privilege especially when one such as the the amiable Johanna McGinley has emerged so daintily on TV. She is recurring as the peaceful Annalivia Farrell in the second season of WGN America’s hit series “Outsiders”. Her unique role is one of reticent serenity as Annalivia has taken a vow of silence to honor her matriachal leader Lady Ray Farrell (Phyllis Somerville). As we watch her in servitude of Lady Ray, we’ve only scratched the surface of her being and things should get interesting fast in Season 2.

She is slated to get extended screen time this season alongside G’Win (Gillian Alexy) who is the paramour of Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst), the clan’s enforcer. Many will be clamoring to find out her backstory and how she came to be so loyal to the cause of the Farrells family. With 13 episodes in the new season, audiences will indeed be on a diet of binge-watching “Outsiders” and may yet get to discover Annalivia more intimately. Kudos to Johanna for excelling as Annalivia and because she doesn’t speak, Johanna adeptly uses her expressive features to flesh out her character. Those soulful blue eyes of hers can be regarded as the ethos behind her enigmatic complexion.

Having had supporting roles on the Nicolas Cage/William Dafoe thriller “Dog Eat Dog” and “The Funhouse Massacre”, the popularity of “Outsiders” should firmly have her on our radars. Being a horror aficionado, it’s great news to hear that she’ll be starring in Scream Queen Jessica Cameron’s “An Ending” which will be scaring up 2017. Jessica is an acclaimed director/actress and with her great eye for spotting mesmerizing female talents, expect Johanna to be ardently endorsed by indie horror fans. She’s also the Set Production Assistant for the highly anticipated horror flick “Bye Bye Man”. Splendid things are abound for the fetching Johanna as she attains the endearing spot in our hearts.

actress johanna mcginley indie films

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