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On our small screens this week, kissable cutie Suzy Kaye is making an adore-worthy impression on the comedic front. She guest-stars alongside James Cromwell on hilarity fest “The Detour” as Claudia who happens to be his very pregnant wife onscreen. With a habit of snorting coke and constantly berating her husband, she’s one supremely sassy mother-to-be, essayed with feisty vigour by Suzy in a flashback scene. In a show that’s notable for its sardonic laugh-out-loud humour, she’s added quite the fiery Latina spice. It’s a zealous facet she’s taken on before on film as the brash stripper Yvonne in the comedy “Hollywood Sex Wars” and on “The Detour”, Suzy does wonders once more in such a brassy role. It’s one of the craziest and rib-tickling shows on the planet so it’s great to see Suzy entertaining us. Isn’t time she gets on a show like “Jane The Virgin”?

Her next feature “American Brawler” will see her alongside great female talents including Amy Smart and Taryn Manning of “Orange Is The New Black” fame. Suzy’s attractive visage which is steeped in a multi-heritage background would be a great fit in any era. This time she’ll be seen somewhere in circa 1975 with the story centering on a New Jersey underdog boxer who gets a shot to fight the champion. With “American Brawler” being a biopic of sorts, Suzy’s versatility will come to the fore as will our passion for her.

actress suzy kaye screen sweetheart

Likewise, Suzy’s infectiously beguiling smile which is set to pleasantly adorn her upcoming features should be viewed with fondness.

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One thought on “Suzy Kaye

  1. Suzy is the most beautiful young starlet I’ve seen in a long time! We will hopefully see a lot of her talents in quite a few movies! Love her!!

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