Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 26 September 2017

Jill Wagner in “Teen Wolf”

actress jill wagner teen wolf

– She may play the much loathed anti-Scott McCall Kate Argent on “Teen Wolf” but there’s no denying that Jill Wagner ranks as one of the Sexiest Women On Our Planet. She’s certainly a femme fatale with bite!

– Being a supernatural herself specifically a Werejaguar, she’s going to be in the thick of the conflict started by Gerard (Michael Hogan) and his army of hunters in the chillingly claw-frenzied Season 6 finale episode.
– While she nailed her villainess character with aplomb, Jill has also shown us her softer side as a romantic leading lady in festive TV movies namely “Christmas Cookies” and “Christmas in the Smokies”.

Shiva Negar in “American Assassin”

actress shiva negar american assassin

– One could say Dylan O’ Brien is one lucky dude as he’s in the company of the stunning Shiva Negar in the action thriller “American Assassin”. She’s definitely a beauty who will inveigle the best of men.

– She plays Annika, a Turkish CIA agent who seemingly threads on shades of grey as her loyalty can be said to be rather fluid which will no doubt give audiences plenty to think about as they try to uncover her motives.
– With such a high-profile role alongside an illustrious cast that also includes Michael Keaton, Shiva’s star is rising fast! Do catch her in the upcoming religion vs freedom of expression film “Becoming Burlesque”.

Lucy Drive in “House Of Evil”

actress lucy drive house of evil

– If you love the Hammer series of films, then “House Of Evil” has all the retro atmospheric horror to give you plenty of scares till the final reel with enchanting British actress Lucy Drive fronting this terror tale.
– She stars as Kate who is pregnant and moving into an old mansion in the Connecticut countryside with her husband only to find their lives beset by a malicious force determined to wreak havoc.

– Lucy also has another feature coming out on 28 September in the UK called “For the Love of Ella” where she plays the titular love interest Ella who mesmerises a A Polish scientist. She certainly would catch our fancy too!

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