Madeleine Wade

actress madeleine wade blonde bombshell

Such is our love for the sizzling actresses of the indie scene, it’s customary for our obsession to be trained on sexy women namely the sultry Madeleine Wade. She stars alongside wrestler John Hennigan in “Boone: The Bounty Hunter” which is now available on #Amazon – or #iTunes – An action comedy is only complete when there’s a bevy of eye-candy and it’s appropriate that Madeleine plays Candy, joining the likes of Spencer Grammer and Dominique Swain. Her character’s fate does however spark Boone into chasing down real-life criminals after his reality show gets canned. “Boone: The Bounty Hunter” has that early 90s vibe akin to the corny TV shows of the past such as “Renegade” with was headlined by Lorenzo Lamas and it’s fitting to see him cameo as a local barman.

If you’re into old-school action flicks, then get ready to be entertained as much as you’ll be fixated on the beautiful Madeleine. She does play a love interest in the comedy “Mac Daddy’s Vegas Adventure” which should satiate those who are wanting to see more of her lusciousness. Madeleine has even taken on the Harley Quinn persona in the short “Sweet Madness” and do we love that twisted beauty of a villainess. Praises has been heaped upon Madeleine for her delusional delight of a Harley Quinn! Channeling her wondrous versatility, she can also be seen in “JackRabbit 29”, a drama which is making its rounds on the festival circuit.

actress madeleine wade Boone: The Bounty Hunter

Her panache and sex appeal is fuelling our adoration for her and with many more projects incoming, we’ll have a thing for Madeleine for many years to come.

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