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Rising Starlet: Ali Williams

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We are often excited when actresses of the independent scene are abundantly charming and Ali Williams is one of those bound to be eye-catching. It’s the very scene that’s been consistently graced by the most beautiful talents and the engaging Ali is keeping the run going. She gets to bare her teeth during the apocalyptic end of the world after a meteor shower turns people into ravenous creatures in “Disaster L.A.” which has been released everywhere. It’s fitting she’s in a zombie flick as you can see she’s almost a look-a-like of Lauren Cohan (from “The Walking Dead”) in the second pic (above).

Here’s A Massively Fascinating Update from Ali herself:

Disaster LA a zombie feature film that I worked on in 2013 is out. I’m so pumped for that because the last film that this production company created, State of Emergency (, was released in Redbox and went on Netflix. How cool would that be to be on Netflix and Redbox?! And of course, it’s zombies. I tend to play a lot of creatures, which is super fun. In February last year I played a vampire three times. THREE TIMES! I had it down pat. I knew that investing in fangs from Teeth by Dnash was a smart choice (

There are eight other feature films either completed or in post production right now that I got to act in: Club Dead, Yes And, Asphalt Angels, Rebound, Lost in Darkness, Taste of Love, Contineo, and Nursery Rhyme. Check out the Club Dead trailer here: You can see me at 1:27 just eating some guy. No big deal!

I’m constantly doing commercials and it’s more difficult to keep up with those. Some end up going national, others just stay online. Most recently I’ve been in commercials for TNT, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Zumba, Six Flags, and Bullet Liner, among others. Bullet Liner was an awesome shoot because it was Western themed. I got to be a saloon girl in that one.

I also just did two short films. One for ( and another where I play a creepy ghost. Here are three other short films I acted in this past year: That Feeling You Couldn’t Resist (, This May or May Not Be Yours ( and Double Edge (

Every once and a while I hop on over and do some fun music videos because they’re just fun! Some of my music video highlights include “Maneater” by Eric Zayne ( I’ve developed some Giantess fans from that one They’re great. “Death Valley” by Fall Out Boy ( They’re like my favorite band. I was heaven that whole day. Even though… you know… the set is in hell. But it was heavenly running my hands through Joe’s hair and hanging out with Tommy Lee all day.

But some of the most exciting gigs I’ve had are the ones where I get to be myself. Like my 2012 Superbowl commercial for Motorola ( Or that time I won it all on my favorite game show Let’s Make a Deal ( Or when I took my three friends with me on Ride-iculous (

I am fortunate enough to be a full time working actor. I worked hard for it. I don’t let my agents do all the work. I have to take control of my career because I’m the only one who knows where I want to go. I want to be the next Harrison Ford. The next Angelina Jolie. The next Natalie Portman. I want to act in Fantasy, Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi films. I want to provide escape for people through the films I am a part of because that’s why I go to the theater- to escape.

Described as intoxicating akin to fellow actress Katie Cassidy for instance , Ali has a collection of features to keep us satiated all the way from now till 2015. She’s also the sort to be the captivating factor across mediums which means she’ll be very much desired.