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Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 31st July 2014

1. Lynn Moore in “Graceland”


- With her heavenly smile, she’s a lady of infinite radiance and came of note thanks to her appearance in the uplifting comedy “Chu And Blossom”.
– Just like Diane Kruger from “Under The Bridge”, it’s great to see Lynn shed her sexy image to play a more gritty recurring role in the Second Season of “Graceland”.
– She has certainly impressed before in features of the darker kind and will do so again the in the indie torture flick “Anagram”.

2. Dominique DuVernay in “Could This Be Love”


- Dominique DuVernay reminds us why Summer is still very much in heat as this actress/model has the spicy allure to sizzle up your days.
– Own the DVD “Could This Be Love” and discover how this New Orleans based Latin actress do captivating drama.
– She’s shown her versatility with every role undertaken and that should propel Dominique to greater heights in the movie business.

3. Natalie Burn in “The Expendables 3″


- On the fast track to stardom, Natalie can be seen in the action-packed “The Expendables 3″ as the wife of Mel Gisbon’s character.
– Don’t miss her strut her stuff in a bikini in the aquatic horror flick “The Nymph” about mermaids who don’t play nice!
– Natalie has the supermodel looks, sensual curves and magnetic persona to be the dream girl of many viewers around the globe.

4. Lindsay Burdge in “Wild Canaries”


- One of the most mesmerizing faces on the planet, Lindsay is steadily blossoming into the “IT” Girl of the indie world.
– She joins the likes of distinctively fascinating women such as Sophie Takal, Alia Shawkat and Anna Parisse in the quirky murder mystery “Wild Canaries”.
– In her upcoming film “The Midnight Swim” where she plays one of 3 daughters whose mother disappears after deep-water diving, Lindsay is again at her riveting best and a vision of intrigue.

5. Scout Taylor Compton in “7500”

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- It’s time we saw Scout Taylor Compton return to her horror roots and she just keeps getting even more ravishing.
– Recent plane incidents have certainly increased our fear of flying and “7500” is set to make you scream with its supernatural terror.
– The eyes do indeed maketh a sexy women and Scout has that flirtatious edge to keep us satiated for hours.