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Rising Starlet: Hannah Leder

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Hannah Leder is part of the generation of actresses with the lissome comeliness that’s about to take the world by storm. You may have seen Caitlin FitzGerald (from Mad Men), Grace Grummer (American Horror Story), et al. who like Hannah possess such gentility that’s going to be pervasively amorous in this lifetime. Catch her in the new series “Bad Judge” as Hannah Jamm, a waitress of the establishment known as BJ Knockers who experiences sexual harassment on the job. Her case is of course brought to the boisterous court of Judge Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh) and much hilarity ensues. Hannah has those adorable dimples that are just so delectable onscreen and we can’t wait for her character’s return in the episode “Knife to a Gunfight” on 23 Oct. The lovely blonde is the daughter of acclaimed director Mimi Leder and Hannah is looking to captivate audiences much the same way her mother has over the years (her hits include “Pay It Forward”, “Deep Impact” and more).

In the months ahead, she’s going to make waves on TV Land and here’s Hannah giving us a tease of her roles plus a little more:

‘Just shot a guest star for Revenge (Season four, episode seven)… Will be in the season finale of HBOs The Comeback (Episode 6). Also just shot a little role in “Down Dog,” an amazon pilot that is set to air next year. I’m also a writer and musician (sing and drum in a two-woman band, The Dirty Hall… we don’t have any content on the inter webs yet). Have two different colored eyes. Am in love with my kitten Nacho. Favorite film – Harold and Maude. I aspire to become Maude in time (Ruth Gordon blows my mind).’

With her wicked sense of humor and personable disposition, there will be plenty of eyes trained on the delicate charmer that is Hannah Leder.