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Buzzworthy Screen Sirens @ Venice International Film Festival 2014

1. Susanne Wuest in “Ich Ser Ich Ser (Goodnight Mommy)”


- With her riveting performance in the creepy thriller “Ich Ser Ich Ser (Goodnight Mommy)” as a mother recuperating from cosmetic surgery, Susanne is primed for global affection.
– This porcelain-skinned Austrian beauty is making waves at La Biennale in Venezia, Italy and she has such a luminous presence on film that’s hypnotizing.
– Elegantly enigmatic on the red carpet for the world premiere (in virginal white above), Susanne will likewise dazzle the Toronto Film Fest in a week’s time.

2. Greta Gerwig in “The Humbling”


- Besides Chloƫ Sevigny, Greta Gerwig has to be one of the mesmerizing faces to grace cinema and their penchant for nudity onscreen makes them even more desirable.
– Long been hailed as the queen of the mumblecore movement, she’s one of the more intense actresses described as authentic and the polar opposite of style.
– Catch her as Al Pacino’s much younger lover in “The Humbling” where she thrives on being sexually adventurous with a veteran stage actor (Pacino).

3. Natalie Wilemon & June Griffin Garcia in “Manglehorn”

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- Here are two indie starlets who have the fascinating allure that the camera loves and this duo is just as delectable on print.
– Both can be seen in the Al-Pacino feature “Manglehorn” who stars as a lovelorn Texan locksmithm, the complicated caricature of a man heartbroken.
– The sexy Natalie is going to be the apple of our eyes in numerous projects this year while June’s most prominent role will be in the upcoming “Untitled Terrence Malick Project”